Hey stranger!

I’m Jessica, a copywriter and virtual assistant¬†sent from your fairy godmother to save your sanity.

I specialize in copywriting, copyediting and content strategy, creation and scheduling. 

I work with artists, innovators and all around creative badasses who want to turn their passion project into a full-blown business.

I also write this blog, where I talk about being creative, overcoming fears, working for yourself, and how to make your left brain and right brain get along.

Ask a question, tell me about your project or recommend good burger joints by emailing me at: hello@jessicahackett.co

What would you like to do?

Find Your Voice

Overcome your fear of self-promotion. Discover a brand identity that speaks to your personality, values and goals. Create a content schedule that keeps your messages compelling and consistent.

Share Your Story

Find the right words at the right place and the right time. Convert clicks into clients and customers. Consistently publish compelling, value-rich content that speaks to your audience and demonstrates your expertise.

Grow Your Audience

Discover who your dream clients are, what they need, and where they spend their time online. Deliver messages that resonate and marketing that drives action. Build brand awareness and client trust through valuable content.